Juliana Santoyo, M.Ed. is core faculty at Courage of Care and is the co-founder of the Black Lotus Collective in Boston, a space centering the healing of people of historically oppressed backgrounds. They hold a B.A in Human Development from Boston College and an MEd degree from Boston University. Their professional background is as a teacher and leader in public schools where they’ve worked to design and implement new models of education that integrate healing modalities, social justice pedagogies, and restorative practices as a holistic approach to learning. 

Through their work with The Black Lotus Collective, Juliana has been transferring their learnings from schools to explore the intersection of local movement building and contemplative, embodied practices. This has prompted them to think more critically about how contemplative institutions might evolve to address the erasure of folks from historically marginalized backgrounds, using practice as a tool to transform the harm inherent in systems that promote white supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchal values.

This profile was last updated on June 8, 2020

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