Juliana Santoyo (they/them) is a mixed, nonbinary femme who walks the red road, born amongst the sacred mountains and rivers of the Northern Andes Mountains located in so-called Colombia. They are bilingual, being fluent in both English and Spanish. A deep feeler, lover, and systems thinker, their path has involved serving community as a 10+ year public school educator & liberatory facilitator, healing artist, restorative justice practitioner, and certified Life, Leadership, and Executive Coach. Juli’s current full time work as Director of Operational Wellness at One Square World draws from a combination of ancestral healing practices, liberatory facilitation, and emergent systems design to explore how organizational systems and practices can live in alignment with liberatory ways of being. In 2016 they founded a Contemplative Peacebuilding program for ex-combatants reintegrating from armed conflict in Colombia, working to explore the personal, interpersonal and systemic practices and policies needed to cultivate peace and liberation on a collective level. Drawing on these same life-fueling explorations, Juli also co-founded the Black Lotus Collective, a contemplative arts healing space for QTBIPOC across Turtle Island. They hold onto the deep belief (and practice) that our bodies are our roadmaps to liberation, serving as compasses for alignment with our wiser selves, with those parts of us that are of this land, connected to the magic and wisdom of our ancestors, the elements, and all of our relations.

This profile was last updated on February 14, 2023

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