With a background in community organizing, non-profit fundraising, and environmental activism (formerly with Greenpeace USA), I find joy and purpose in forever seeking transformative opportunities for radical collaboration, and community co-creation. I am a co-founder and co-creator with the EcoVista project; an attempt to develop a localized model of grassroots, bottom up “just transition” in college communities and beyond. In pursuing a systems-level approach to problem solving and solution design, I have amassed a diverse body of experiences as a non-traditional student, mother, dreamer, activist, researcher and communicator. Across all areas of my work I seek to co-create opportunities for meaningful dialogue, community based strategy, healing, and design informed by decolonized practice and methodologies.

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Vivian Valentin, Radhule Weininger, Michael Kearney, John Foran, Kevin M Gallagher

Topics: Compassion & Empathy | Environment | Interconnection | Social Change