Jerome Murphy, PhD, is the Harold Howe II professor of education at Harvard University, and former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a specialist in the management and politics of education. His teaching and research focus on administrative practice and organizational leadership, government policy, program implementation and evaluation, and qualitative methodology. He has examined educational policy and practices in England, Australia, Colombia, China, and South Africa, and has participated in international exchange meetings on educational issues in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel, and Russia. As dean, he led the development of new initiatives in learning technologies, arts education, neuroscience and education, and school leadership. A former math teacher, he helped develop domestic legislation in the former U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; was associate director of the White House Fellows Program; and founded and directed the Massachusetts Internships in Education.

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2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Pre-Conference Workshop – Getting from Here to There: Perspectives on System Change in Education

Janice Jackson, Jerome Murphy

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