Gregory Cajete is a Native American educator whose work is dedicated to honoring the foundations of indigenous knowledge in education. He is a Tewa Indian from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. He has served as a New Mexico Humanities scholar in ethno-botany of Northern New Mexico and as a member of the New Mexico Arts Commission. In addition, he has lectured at colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, England, France, and Germany.

Cajete is director of Native American Studies and a Professor in the Division of Language, Literacy and Socio cultural Studies in the College of Education at the University of New Mexico. He has authored seven books, including Look to the Mountain: An Ecology of Indigenous Education; Ignite the Sparkle: An Indigenous Science Education Curriculum Model; Spirit of the Game: Indigenous Wellsprings; A People’s Ecology: Explorations in Sustainable Living; Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence; Critical Neurophilosophy and Indigenous Wisdom; and Indigenous Community: Teachings of the Seventh Fire. He also has chapters in 22 other books along with numerous articles and more than 250 national and international presentations.

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Gregory Cajete

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