My music comes directly from the heart and the spirit. The meditations are pure improvisations – there is no forethought given to what I will play before my fingers hit the keys. They are a channeling of the energies, emotions and thoughts which exist at a particular moment in time. With the advent of the Covid pandemic, I have taken to recording these meditations more regularly. I hope they bring the listener to a place of peace and calm, and perhaps to a place of greater understanding. For those who are interested, I am playing a 7 foot 4 inch Bosendorfer grand piano and recording on an Apple iPhone.
I intend to post additional music over time.

I was fortunate to begin playing the piano at the age of 3. I studied classical music from kindergarten through law school, even as I played in various rock bands and jazz ensembles among the way. I studied piano and chamber music with Joan Panetti at the School of Music as a Yale undergraduate, and chamber music with Leon Kirschner and Patricia Zander while at Harvard Law School (Yo-Yo Ma was in the class!). I wrote two musical comedies in law school and have continued to write through the years. I have composed a number of scores for films and documentaries as well as music for dance. I’ve had the good fortune to play with many prominent artists, including Buddy Miles, Stanley Jordan, Grover Washington, Charlie Daniels, Keith Richards, Al Kooper, Paul Winter, Eugene Friesen, Paul McCandless, Shambhu and Greg Anton.


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