Bassam Khoury is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology at McGill University, and he heads the McGill Mindfulness Research Lab (, where he and his team conduct research on advancing the theory, research, and applications of mindfulness and compassion. The global aim of the research is to make a deep lasting change on both individuals and societies by embracing new ways of interacting with oneself, other people, and the natural environment including animals through the practices of mindfulness and compassion. Prof. Khoury published numerous papers on mindfulness and compassion in leading journals in the domains of clinical psychology and physical/medical health. His work (59-papers and 5 book-chapters) has gained international recognition, was cited over than 5500 times and was selected by the University of Cambridge’s Insights for Impact Report; a report published by the department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge citing the most impactful research papers in psychology worldwide. Furthermore, his work was ranked 67th worldwide on Web of Science in the category of clinical psychology. Dr. Khoury have also been recognized through multiple awards and nominations, including the Association of Psychological Science Emerging Scholars Rising Stars Award, and William Dawson Scholars Award.

This profile was last updated on November 28, 2022

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