Aproteem Choudhury is a Community Health and Mind Body Medicine Consultant with experience engaging, mobilizing, and uniting disadvantaged communities, clinical populations, and healthcare institutions through contemplative practices.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, TX, Aproteem Choudhury felt called to help his hometown. He trained with the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) and helped form the Greater Houston Healing Collaborative to serve those touched by the storm with connective, intimate, and empowering mind body skills groups.

Since his invitation to the Center for Mind Body Medicine’s international Faculty, Apro helps deliver large-scale comprehensive professional training programs in mind body medicine. Realizing that a public health approach is needed to transform trauma in individuals and communities, Apro has focused his work on developing capacity building programs that emphasize contemplative care after (and during) collective trauma.

Following the Robb Elementary school shooting in May 2022, Apro began traveling to Uvalde, TX to lay the groundwork for such a program. Nearly a year later, Apro now leads, and helps mentor a 150 member coalition of caregivers in the rural community integrate mind body medicine into their daily lives and work.

At home in Houston, TX, Apro is the mind body interventionist at Texas Children’s Hospital where he is developing a similar community of contemplative care, providing direct services to patients and providers, as well as conducting research on the feasibility and impact of delivering mind body interventions for children facing behavioral health challenges.

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