Ananya studies socio-emotional skills at the intersection of different identities across cultures. Additionally, she examines sense of belonging in rural adolescent girls in India prone to early marriage. Her interests include conducting measurement analysis to modify tools employed, understanding conceptual psychological pathways, designing interventions as well as evaluating programs in terms of impact and process. She is also a trained evaluator along the lines of culturally responsive evaluation and has conducted evaluations in both India and the US. 

Ananya is also the co-founder of SwaTaleem Foundation, that works with KGBV schools to enhance the educational outcomes through SE skills using human-centred design.

This profile was last updated on October 21, 2021

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Contemplative Practices for Well-being of Low-income Children and Teachers in India

Nirmal Govindaraju, Ananya Tiwari, Jyothi Ravichandran, Prachi Khandeparkar, Sai Sudha Ramakrishnan

Topics: Compassion & Empathy | Education | Stress & Resilience