Dr. Parks’ research focuses on self-help methods for increasing well-being via books and digital technology. She is Chief Scientist for tech startup Happify, which brings the cutting edge in research-based well-being interventions to large businesses and consumers. Her research spans across the whole spectrum of wellness, from non-distressed consumers to stressed employees, sufferers of chronic health conditions, and individuals with depression and/or anxiety. She works to pioneer new methodology in the study of internet interventions, especially when it comes to outcomes assessment. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and in addition to editing three books, she is also an Associate Editor at the Journal of Positive Psychology.

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ISCR 2018 Opening Keynote – Contemplative Practice Enters the Digital Age

Mind and Life Institute • November 8, 2018

2018 International Symposium for Contemplative Research Session

Keynote Panel “Contemplative Practice Enters the Digital Age”

Moderators: Zindel Segal
Panel: Acacia Parks, Jack Kornfield, Darnell Lamont Walker, Zindel Segal

Topics: Body-based Practices | Compassion & Empathy | Contemplative Wisdom | Education | Interconnection | Mindfulness | Social Change

2018 International Symposium for Contemplative Research Session

Bridging Contemplative Science and Business: An Emerging Global Industry, Innovation Panel co-hosted by The Eagle and The Hawk Foundation and the Aetna Foundation

Panel: Acacia Parks, Cyd Crowse, Charlie Hartwell, Hamet Watt, Mark Bertolini

Topics: Body-based Practices | Contemplative Wisdom | Interconnection | Mental Health | Mindfulness