This Mind & Life Digital Dialogue is an interactive multimedia site with video, presentations, and discussions from the 32nd Mind & Life Dialogue, Botho/Ubuntu: A Dialogue on Spirituality, Science, and Humanity, held in Gaborone, Botswana in August 2017.

In this unique event, the Mind & Life Institute convened leading African humanitarian and spiritual leaders, scholars, and healers in a conversation with international scientists about the African worldview of ubuntu, known as botho in Botswana. Over three days, participants explored the philosophy of ubuntu—with its emphasis on our shared humanity—and its relevance within an increasingly divided world. Ubuntu is often expressed by the phrase, “I am because you are.” Our presenters shared deep insights on this simple yet profound perspective, and offered new tools for living from a place of compassion.

We hope you enjoy exploring our Ubuntu Digital Dialogue. May you understand even more deeply the wisdom found in knowing “I am because you are.”