Filmed during Mind & Life Institute’s “Mind & Life XI: A Public Talk for New England” on September 14, 2003.

Mental Imagery

From its inception Buddhism has probed the nature of mind, using the mind itself as its instrument of investigation, especially with the aid of refined meditation methods. For the past millennium, Tibetan Buddhists have pursued this investigation in monastic universities with rigor and exacting scholarship. Until now, science has been skeptical of this course of investigation because of its subjectivity — the use of the mind to investigate itself. Today, however, especially with the development of new technology, the biobehavioral sciences (neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, biomedicine) are in the process of extending their methods in search of ever-bolder approaches to studying the workings of the human mind. This Dialogue will consist of three sessions that address empirical findings about three aspects of mind that have been addressed by both Buddhism and biobehavioral science: attention and cognitive control, emotion, and mental imagery.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Ajahn Amaro
Marlene Behrmann
Jonathan Cohen
Richard J. Davidson
Georges Dreyfus
John Duncan
R. Adam Engle
Daniel Gilbert
Anne Harrington
Thupten Jinpa
Jerome Kagan
Daniel Kahneman
Nancy Kanwisher
Stephen M. Kosslyn
Dacher Keltner
Eric Lander
David E. Meyer
Matthieu Ricard
Daniel Reisberg
Evan Thompson
Phillip A. Sharp
Anne Treisman
Charles M. Vest
B. Alan Wallace
Arthur Zajonc

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