What Constitutes Compelling Evidence, And For Whom? (B. Alan Wallace)

Why Don’t We All Have Global Compassion? (Paul Ekman)

B. Alan Wallace, PhD

Born in California in 1950, Alan Wallace began his studies of Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan language at the University of Göttingen, West Germany in 1970. He continued his studies … MORE

Paul Ekman, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Paul Ekman, PhD, was a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco for 32 years. He received his undergraduate education at … MORE

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2014 International Symposium for Contemplative Studies Session

Master Lecture – Contemplative Inquiry and Science

B. Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman

Topics: Compassion & Empathy | Interconnection

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