In honor of Earth Day 2022, Tricycle hosted the Buddhism and Ecology Summit, including a panel in partnership with the Mind & Life Institute. This hour-long conversation on “Connection, Community, and Compassion: Resources for our Emotional Well-being” features climate activist Dekila Chungyalpa, stress scientist Elissa Epel, Buddhist teacher Brother Chân Pháp Dung, and moderator Mind & Life President Susan Bauer-Wu. Read five takeaways from the presenters here. A transcript from Tricycle is available here.

As we navigate the challenges of the climate crisis and related uncertainties, it’s critical that we tap into the deep well of resources available to nurture and sustain us. Weaving together strands from behavioral and psychological research, contemplative wisdom and practices, and climate activism, this panel explores the power of connection, community, and compassion to buoy us as we rise to our calling to serve and live fully during these times.

Hear more from Elissa Epel on climate action in our January 2022 Inspiring Minds episode or learn more about Dekila Chungyalpa’s work in our May 2021 podcast episode. Both Elissa and Dekila were part of our 2021 Summer Research Institute, now available as a self-paced course on The Mind, The Human-Earth Connection, and The Climate Crisis.