Applications for the 2023 cohort are now closed

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted through the Mind & Life website (see below for instructions). Applications will be open from Monday, February 20, 2023 through Wednesday, March 22, 2023. All application materials MUST be submitted by the application deadline; applications that remain incomplete or unsubmitted after the deadline will not be considered for acceptance to the program.

Required Application Materials:

  • A 400-word personal statement that describes:
    • Your hopes and expectations for how this program will support and enrich your work and/or studies, particularly as said work relates to advancing inclusive, anti-racist scholarship, science, and/or education; 
    • The goal(s) you wish to work toward in regards to developing your personal contemplative practice, research, and/or career as it relates to advancing inclusive, anti-racist scholarship, science, and/or education;
    • How you are poised to share your program learnings in the field of contemplative research, and/or ways you will engage your respective discipline(s), communities, and organizations towards advancing inclusive, anti-racist scholarship, science, education, policy, or practice. 
  • Your current CV and/or résumé
  • One letter of recommendation from a current or past mentor or advisor

Mentee Application Criteria

The review committee seeks applications that demonstrate:

  1. How your experience with contemplative practice informs your scholarship, research, and/or teaching;
  2. The depth of your engagement thus far with inclusive, anti-racist science, scholarship or educational endeavors;
  3. Your potential for bringing program learning into effective engagement and action in partnership with your social and scholarly communities; and
  4. Indicators of the likelihood of your successful collaboration and communication with an available program mentor through alignments with stated goals and expectations.

Program Participation Requirements

  • After the orientation and each pairing’s initial meeting, pairings will have monthly meetings with one another and will provide a brief summary of each meeting to the Global Majority Mentoring Program  coordinator. The coordinator will also have monthly correspondence with pairs.  
  • After the first six months of engagement in the program, there will be a midway point meeting (second focus group) to check in with mentors and mentees to observe and assess growth and address any challenges or questions.
  • After the final six months of the program, a final debriefing session will be held which will serve as the third focus group program evaluation and data collection point. Mentors and mentees will again be asked to fill in the Mentor and Mentee Surveys.

Agreement to Program Commitments

The Global Majority Mentoring Program is a comprehensive development program designed to help participants reach their full potential. As part of the program, all participants are required to attend mandatory group meetings on a regular basis. These meetings provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other and build a community of support.

In addition to attending group meetings, participants are also required to commit to scheduling time to meet with their assigned mentors monthly. Mentors are experienced professionals who will provide guidance and support to help participants achieve their goals. Participants are expected to take this commitment seriously and prioritize these one-on-one meetings with their mentors.

By attending group meetings and meeting regularly with mentors, participants will have the support they need to succeed in the program. We understand that scheduling can be challenging, but we believe that making the time for these meetings is essential for participants’ growth and success. 

Instructions for Submitting an Application

Click the button below titled “Begin the Application Process” to be directed to the online application form. Once inside the online application form, follow the instructions on screen for filling out your personal information and uploading your application materials. Please note: if you are accepted to the program, the same information you submit as part of the application will be used for future contact information, so please make sure your information is accurate. 

If you are having trouble with the application form, please email Shankari Goldstein, at for assistance.

Applications for the 2023 cohort are now closed