This application proposes to develop and pilot test a randomized control trial group parenting intervention (Yoga for Parenting Success: YPS) for single mothers of toddlers. YPS integrates the tenets of Emotion Coaching (EC: Gottman, 1997) with the principles of Viniyoga™ Therapy (VYT: Kraftsow, 1999, 2002). EC involves parental scaffolding children’s emotional development and self-regulation through awareness, recognition, labeling of, and empathic response to a child’s emotional experience while providing opportunities for the child to problem solve. EC is predicated on several theories that emotions profoundly influence perception, cognition and behavior (e.g. Campos, Mumme, Kermonian, & Campos, 1994; Damasio, 1998; and Sroufe, 1984). Emotion coaching is postulated to increase relational connections in families (Gottman, 1997), and teach young children to effectively modulate their emotions and regulate their behavior (Gottman, Katz, & Hooven, 1997).

Grant voided.

Grace Bullock

University of Oregon