The proposed study investigates the role that teacher characteristics play in teachers’ experience delivering a mindfulness-based health and wellness curriculum. Specifically, teachers’ embodiment of mindfulness (through practice) and professional knowledge will be examined to provide insight into factors that may influence their experience and fidelity delivering the curriculum. A maximum variation sample of ten elementary school teachers delivering the Compassionate Schools Project curriculum will be recruited to participate in the study based on their implementation fidelity scores. Data will be collected from one-on-one semi-formal teacher interviews and triangulated with data from an analysis of the curriculum, archived teacher and coach reflection forms and teacher self-report measures (e.g. mindfulness, self-compassion, teaching self-efficacy) collected as part of the larger randomized control trial. The exploratory mixed method study will provide valuable information regarding the qualities, practices and knowledge of school-based mindfulness instructors that promote effective teaching of mindfulness to elementary school students.

Polina Mischenko

University of Virginia