The purpose of this project is to make results from the Contemplative Coping during COVID-19 (CCC) research study accessible to a variety of stakeholders. The CCC study investigates the lived experience of ~350 meditation practitioners in the US during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our aim is to understand how people are making use of meditation practices during this unprecedented period of global uncertainty, and how their practice relates to mental health and biological aging over the course of one year. To maximize the potential benefits of this research, we wish to share the knowledge gained through this study with everyone who might make use of these findings to promote resilience and wellbeing, including study participants, meditation teachers, mental health practitioners, and contemplative science and stress researchers. To support this goal, we are creating an interactive, web-based data visualization app that will include visual and verbal summaries of each variable and key relationships between variables. We will develop this tool in collaboration with CCC study participants and fellow researchers. We hope this platform serves as a model for improved science communication and dissemination practices that promote more equitable access to scientific knowledge and the translation of research findings into practice.

Quinn Conklin, PhD

UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain

Convening Faculty, Fellow, Grantee