The project seeks to contribute to improving the socio-emotional capacities and skills of Mayan children and young people from San Pedro, Chenalhó in the state of Chiapas, Mexico through mindfulness practices. The contemplative approach to the practice of mindfulness or the energy of being aware and awake in the present moment represents an opportunity to develop capacities that foster emotional self-regulation to cope with the various forms of violence (institutional, political and organized crime) that the community is experiencing. The expected results are: 1) At least 70% of our target population shows an increase in their social-emotional skills; 2) Young people will be able to produce posters, podcasts, video clips, etc., in Spanish and Tsotsil to convey messages of loving speech, attentive listening, empathy, tranquility, which will be aimed at children and young people from the community and other communities who speak the Tsotsil Mayan language and 3) Local actors contribute to providing safe spaces for the target population to practice contemplative practices (meditation, qi-gong, etc.).

Implemented by: Chieltik