Decisions from Mexican employees from the public sector have enormous impact on Mexican society. Government employees experience great levels of stress and many times they don’t have tools to deal with conflictive situations and decisions at work. As a means to promote well-being and secular ethics in government employees that may impact their productivity and decision making, AtentaMente designed a 54 hour mind-training program called Working and Living in Balance (WLB). The program focuses on training attention, emotional regulation and prosocial skills through study, reflection and contemplative practices. We conducted a study with 50 government employees to evaluate the impact of the program. Comparing pre and post self-report evaluations, participants showed increased attention and socio-emotional competency; and decreased aspects of stress, fatigue and fixed mindset. Moreover, qualitative data from open-ended questions and interviews about the perceived benefits of the program suggests this curriculum may help participants increase productivity, have better interpersonal relationships, reduce conflict, decrease harmful behaviors and increase behaviors that promote well-being. Results from this research will help leaders and policy makers to assess the value of providing training on social and emotional learning is skills and contemplative practices to employees and to other members of the society.

Laura Emiliana Rodriguez Morales

AtentaMente Consultores

Emiliana Rodríguez  is a co-founder and Research Director at AtentaMente – a Mexican organization dedicated to the development and implementation of contemplative based social and emotional learning curricula for children, … MORE