Call to Care

Call to Care (C2C) was an educational research initiative of the Mind & Life Institute that aimed to address the limited attention in our educational systems for cultivating care—what we might call the forgotten heart of education.

Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership  

The Academy for Contemplative and Ethical Leadership (ACEL), held in 2015, was envisioned as a launchpad to support the development of a new field of inquiry that would address a growing hunger for leadership marked by the consciousness, conscience, and capacity to catalyze and influence larger systemic changes that are needed to address current social and ecological change.

Visiting Scholars Program 

Set in a beautiful house affiliated with Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts, Mind & Life’s Visiting Scholars program provided time and space for self-directed and intensive individual and collaborative work between scholars, Institute staff, and the local academic community.

Mind & Life Education Research Network 

The Mind & Life Education Research Network (MLERN) was formed in 2006 to create a multidisciplinary intellectual forum dedicated to exploring issues at the intersection of mind, brain, education and contemplative practice.