Reason for Interest in Call to Care 

The Ministry of Education has developed a training program for teachers to “Educate for Gross National Happiness,” and a first phase of implementation has been completed in 2014. The Call to Care Program serves as a primary tool for deepening this educational effort to bring more mindfulness and compassion in the educational system of the country. 

Project Participants 

  • (Lead) Gross National Happiness Center 
  • Royal University of Bhutan, (which is responsible for Bhutan’s 2 main teacher training colleges-Paro and Sherabse) 
  • Early Learning Centre (ELC)-a private K-6 elementary school based in Thimphu, which has been leading innovation in integrating social-emotional learning, mindfulness and compassion training, through a range of creative educational approaches 
  • Punakha Higher Secondary School 
  • Royal Thimphu College 

Project Duration 

  • January 2014 through December 2015 

Where Located 

  • Thimphu, Bhutan 

Pilot Testing Scale 

# Schools: 2 (ELC and Punakha) 

# Teachers: 30 (ELC); 80 (Punakha) 

# Students: 300 (ELC); 800 (Punakha) 

Objectives Following Successful Pilot Testing 

  • Liaise with the Ministry of Education to cultivate an environment for scaling successful programs nationwide 
  • Develop a teachers training program based on the Call to Care curriculum and together with the ministry of education implement it as a follow up of the first GNH in education training module. 
  • By 2019, all teachers of Bhutan will have undergone the program.
Contemplation with school children in Bumthang. Ha Vinh Tho (leader of the project in Bhutan) in center.