Session 7 transcript now available

The two will discuss how developmental research and application go together and the need for greater scientific attention to flourishing in diverse cultural groups. They’ll also share the emerging vision of the PEACE Network (Promoting Empathy Awareness and Compassion through Education Network) and its goal to foster dialogue across disciplines about what we know about the development of virtue(s) during the first two decades of life. Participants will gain insights into how contemplative practices can intentionally shape resilient, compassionate individuals and offer tangible contributions to the fields of education, neuroscience, and social-emotional learning. Date: February 15, 2024

Robert Roeser, Bennett Pierce Professor of Caring and Compassion at Penn State University, has been working to re-envision the educational system for decades, and has been at the forefront of understanding how we can best integrate mindfulness and compassion into school settings. He will elaborate on the intricate relationship between contemplative practices and the development of children and adolescents.

Christa Mahlobo, a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, will add a multicultural psychologist’s perspective to the discussion. Her research pursues culturally tailored mindfulness interventions to foster flourishing in marginalized communities, notably among Black Americans.