Session 5 transcript now available

Join Tony Chambers in a thought-provoking conversation centered around the transformative shifts of power from the individual to societal levels. Explore how higher education shapes society’s core objectives and grapple with systemic challenges. We’ll take a close look at our role in driving systemic change and reshaping power dynamics.

In this interactive online event, you’ll collaborate with other curious participants to reflect on historical influences and how best to drive meaningful change. Through a methodical questioning process, we’ll dissect established norms and pave the way for healing and progress.

Uncover the unintended negative consequences of traditional notions of wholeness, mindfulness, and well-being, particularly within marginalized communities. Delve into the concept of compassion as a guiding principle for our discourse, and learn  how educators are navigating trauma transfer, impacting personal growth and classroom interactions.  Tony will share how it’s possible to nurture resilience—and a culture of belonging—through transformative learning and what he calls “practicing soulfulness.”  Date: September 14, 2023

Tony Chambers
Tony Chambers is the Director for Community Well-Being at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tony also serves as a Senior Lecturer in the department of Counseling Psychology teaching courses on Human Flourishing, Innovation Fellow for the Badger Belonging Initiative in the College of Letters and Sciences, and Director for Black Well-being Strategy in the Center for Black Excellence and Culture in Madison, Wisconsin.