Our inaugural conversation in the Inspiring Minds series, “Mindfulness and Racial Healing” features Ruth King and Sharon Salzberg, along with violinist Stephen Nachmanovitch. Mind & Life Program Manager Shankari Goldstein is the host for the series. The conversation on October 21, 2020 at 2pm ET traced the journey from inner to outer healing through exploring: 

  • How stillness and compassion allow us to become more aware of our interconnection and social responsibility,  
  • How mindfulness can transform our relationship with racial suffering, and
  • Practical ways we can all respond to injustice. 

Watch the video above or read the transcript.


Ruth King

Ruth King is the Founder of Mindful of Race Institute, LLC, and is a celebrated author, educator, and meditation teacher. Ruth currently teaches the Mindful of Race Training Program to leaders, … MORE

Sharon Salzberg

Insight Meditation Society

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation pioneer and industry leader, a world-renowned teacher and New York Times bestselling author. As one of the first to bring meditation and mindfulness into mainstream American culture over … MORE

Stephen Nachmanovitch

Dr. Stephen Nachmanovitch performs and teaches internationally as an improvisational violinist, and at the intersections of multimedia, performing arts, humanities, ecology, and philosophy. He is the author of two books on … MORE