Wednesday, October 12, 2022 & Thursday, October 13, 2022

The increasing complexity of our world, catalyzed by climate change, rapid technological innovation, and mounting political divisions, calls us to change the way we live. We are embedded in our social and natural environments: they shape us, and we shape them. What innate resources can we call on to move forward together in a new way? 

To explore this question, on October 12-13, the Dalai Lama engaged with leading scientists in a “Conversation on Interdependence, Ethics, and Social Networks” sponsored by the Mind & Life Institute and Mind & Life Europe. 

The discussion spanned the tension that exists between diverse views and perspectives in today’s world and the need to come together as one to address our collective challenges. Presenters shared recent perspectives from evolutionary and moral psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and artificial intelligence in considering what is necessary now to enact a more compassionate, sustainable, and hopeful model of living together.