At the Mind & Life Institute, we hold you in our hearts as together we experience dramatic changes in our daily lives from the pandemic. We are primed and pleased to show up fully at a time when servingproviding opportunities to lift up our shared humanity and to foster individual well-being and collective flourishinghas never been more urgent.
To that end, Mind & Life is adapting our office’s remote working culture to be more compassionate and connected, and we are actively developing digital efforts to have wider reach and impact on contemporary issues.

  • Our recently launched Education of the Heart digital dialogue offers insights from leading researchers, educational practitioners, and the Dalai Lama on new programs and approaches to educating the “whole child.”
  • The new Mind & Life podcast will tell the deeper story of contemplative science through interviews with distinguished thought leaders across a range of disciplines.

We are also pleased to share the Dalai Lama’s recent reflection in TIME Magazine on compassion during this time.
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We are grateful to the Mind & Life community, and our trusted partners, for allowing us to share a host of online resources—articles, live-stream meditations, readings, fellowship sessions—aimed at nurturing well-being and connection during this time of increased uncertainty and anxiety. 

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