Summer Research Institute


Click here for information on the 2014 SRI: Transforming Craving (June 15-21)


The Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, held annually at the Garrison Institute in New York, is a week-long event to advance collaborative research in behavioral science, neuroscience, and mind-body medicine based on a process of inquiry, dialogue, and collaboration with contemplative practitioners and scholars of Buddhism and other contemplative traditions. The long-term objective is to advance the training of a new generation of behavioral scientists, cognitive/affective neuroscientists, and contemplative scholar/practitioners interested in exploring the influence of contemplative practice on mind, behavior, brain function, and health, including the potential role of contemplative methods in characterizing human experience and consciousness.

The specific goals of the Summer Research Institute are:

  1. To cultivate strategic dialogue between neuroscientists, clinical scientists, other scientists of mind and behavior, humanities scholars, and contemplative scholars/practitioners to discuss and develop new research collaborations and protocols to explore the mind from an integrative perspective, including both first- and third-person approaches, and the effect of contemplative practices on mind, behavior, brain, and health.
  2. To create a container for this dialogue that embodies a contemplative orientation, via meditation and yoga instruction, daily contemplative practice periods, a full day of silent contemplative retreat, and a closing contemplative artistic performance.
  3. To foster a new generation of nascent scientists (graduate students and post-docs) and contemplative scholars and practitioners interested in innovation and collaboration in research into contemplative practices.
  4. To catalyze the field of contemplative sciences, focusing on the study of how contemplative practices engender effects on brain, mind and behavior, and how these effects are conditioned by culture, history, and other contextual variables.
  5. To examine the emerging best practices, future opportunities, and challenges within the contemplative sciences.

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