At Mind & Life, we believe that change in the world begins with inner transformation. Our programs equip people with valuable insights and practices that nurture their personal well-being so that they can play an active role in building more compassionate communities and safeguarding the earth—and all its inhabitants.

When you give to Mind & Life, you’re supporting educational programming that inspires people to be a force for positive change. You’re investing in leading-edge scientific research into how contemplative wisdom can be used to transform our world. You’re strengthening efforts to make the field of contemplative science more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. And you’re influencing larger systems through support of innovative collaborations between researchers, contemplatives, and changemakers. 

Contemplative traditions have developed the practices and understandings we need in this uncertain time. And Mind & Life has brought these into the world through the lens of science and scholarship, so they can be used by people everywhere.

– Jack Kornfield

Tax-deductible contributions to the Mind & Life Institute are essential to our work. The insights we foster reach hundreds of thousands, inspiring a ripple effect of positive change as we pursue a vision of a world that truly embraces our shared humanity.

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Donor Stories

Donor Story
Connection and Creativity Inspire Jessie and Richard Benjamin to Support Mind & Life

Jessie Benjamin shares, “The origin of Mind & Life is extremely powerful: it’s clear that the Dalai Lama’s pure intention has led the organization’s work to blossom in a beautiful way.”

Donor Story
The Hollywood Compassion Coalition: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The roots of Brian Riordan’s interest in the impact of the entertainment industry can be traced to the 2018 Mind & Life Dialogue in Dharamsala, India. “It was a life changing trip.”

Donor Story
Mind & Life Impact Story: Bringing Mindfulness to Utah Public Schools

“We saw how mindfulness was spreading in schools throughout the country, but were struck with how little was being done in Utah, our home state,” Kirk Benson says.