UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain Summit

The summit, “Perspectives on Mindfulness: The Complex Role of Meditation Research” this past May was organized by MLI Fellows Cliff Saron, Cathy Kerr, David Meyer, and Evan Thompson. The following lectures and discussions can be watched below:

2015 UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain Research Summit – Opening
Evan Thompson, PhD – Context Matters: Steps to an Embodied Cognitive Science of Mindfulness
Robert Sharf, PhD – The “Work” of Religion and Its Role in the Assessment of Mindfulness Practices
John Dunne, PhD – Understanding Mindfulness: Heuristic Accounts
Alan Klima, PhD – How to Formulate a Spirituality Reuptake Inhibitor
Discussant Responses to Morning Talks: David Meyer, PhD, Even Ekman, PhD & Helen Weng, PhD
Drs. Jen Pokorny and Alex Norman – Network Analysis of Worldview Changes During a Meditation Retreat
Catherine Kerr, PhD – Using Qualitative Methods to Mindfulness Studies to Contextualize Brain Data
Melissa Rosenkranz, PhD – After Active Controls in Meditation Studies: Where’s the Beef?
Judson Brewer, MD, PhD – Past and Future Meet Present: The Center for Mindfulness’s Research Priorities
Discussant Responses to Afternoon talks: Helen Weng, PhD, Eve Ekman, PhD and David Meyer, PhD

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