As Mind & Life expanded into the Visiting Scholars House in 2012 (located at Amherst College), we began offering the Research Workshops program as one way to leverage this new space. Organized and convened entirely by external community members, Research Workshops are 2- to 3-day events intended to bring together a small group of scholars across disciplines to collaboratively explore an idea relevant to contemplative studies. Each group was granted $6,000 to help with travel, lodging, and other expenses, and Mind & Life provided the facilities of the Visiting Scholars House for the event.

To date, we have hosted four extremely successful workshops, listed below. In each case, scholars gathered from across the country (in some cases internationally) for deep and rich discussions on the topics indicated. Deliverables have generally been white papers and conference panel discussions, in addition to strengthening networks and intellectual exchange.


Past Research Workshops

  • April 2013 – Interoception and Contemplative Practice (Cathy Kerr, Cynthia Price, Jennifer Daubenmeier, Barnaby Dunn, Norman Farb, Tim Gard, Wendy Hasenkamp, Anne Klein, Wolf Mehling, Martin Paulus) Read the white paper
  • July 2014 – Mindfulness Media Hype (Marieke van Vugt, Andrew Olendzki, Kim Nolan, Ted Meissner, David Vago, Willoughby Britton, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Brent Field, Sara Lazar, Nicholas Van Dam, Laura Schmalzl, virtual attendance: David Meyer, Cliff Saron, Cathy Kerr) Read the Huffington Post article
  • December 2014 – Varieties of Contemplative Experience (Willoughby Britton, Jared Lindahl, David Cooper, Nathan Fisher, David Loy, Daniel Stuart, William Waldron, John Tresch, Linda Heuman, Eric McCord, Barnes Peterson, Wendy Hasenkamp) Read the summary
  • April 2015 – Abrahamic Contemplative Traditions (Nathan Fisher, Rabbi Eliezer Shore, Rabbi Doniel Katz, Andrew Dreitcer, Wendy Farley, Neil-Douglas Klotz, Tasnim Hermila Fernandez, Arthur Zajonc, Chris Kaplan, Jared Lindahl, Willoughby Britton) Read the summary


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