The holidays are certainly times of reflection and gratitude with families, friends and community members. But for many individuals, these periods with family can be stressful. Susan Bauer-Wu, newly appointed president of the Mind & Life Institute, and end-of-life and health care specialist, offers a suggestion for a new holiday conversation – talking with those you love about end-of-life wishes.

Bauer-Wu, a researcher and professor on the topic, has seen end-of life up close and personally in her work in healthcare for decades. Her observation: that our society is obsessed with youthful looks and staying alive at all costs, leaving Americans to avoid such conversations, leaving us ill-prepared for the inevitable last breath.

Join Susan for an hour long chat about this difficult topic as she shares her insights and suggestions for the ways in which to have a loving holiday season, adding in a discussion with family members that shows compassion and consideration in advance of end of life. Susan will offer ways to make this often difficult discussion a peaceful one, and how contemplative practice can be applied to ease the tension such conversations can present.

The hour long chat will also include a Q&A where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Susan Bauer-Wu

President, Mind & Life Institute

Susan is the President of the Mind & Life Institute, a role she assumed in December 2015. She has held leadership, academic, and clinical roles that have largely focused on … MORE