Mind and Life Summer Research Institute: Day 5

L1050435The scientific exploration resumed Friday, following a day of silence, including contemplative practices of mediation and walking mediation, along with meditation instruction and contemplative instructions from contemplatives Sharon Salzberg, Will Kabat-Zinn, Geshe Dorji Damdul and Tsoknyi Rinpoche.   The First Morning Session of Day 5 was Teacher-Student Interactions: The Role of Mindfulness, by Bridget Hamre, […]

MLSRI 2010: Day 3

L1040650Day 3 opened with the customary yoga followed by meditation. Today’s First Moring Session featured the talk, The Development of Consciousness in Childhood by Philip Zelazo, Ph.D. The talk addressed the development of reflective control processes in childhood, how this development is influenced by language and culture, and implications of this research in understanding awareness, […]

MLSRI 2010: Day 2

l1050709Day 2 started off with 6 a.m. yoga led by Catherine Shaddix, based on Ashtanga yoga, which focuses on breathing, by silent meditation at 7 a.m. The silence from the night before was held through morning breakfast, broken by the morning sessions. The First Morning Session, Contemplative Practices, Education and Human Development, given by Mark […]

Mind and Life Summer Research Institute: Day 1

garrison-institute-1024x689The 7th Annual Mind and Life Summer Research Institute commenced Monday, June 14, 2010. Participants arrived from as far away as Israel, France, Australia and Canada. More than 160 fellows and faculty are attending this year’s Summer Research Institute: Education. Developmental Neuroscience and Contemplative Practices: Questions, Challenges and Opportunities.   The weeklong event is held […]