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MLRN has two lists to facilitate communication among contemplative practitioners, meditation researchers and interested partners who care about and support this important work. The moderated Meditation List is for formal announcements. The unmoderated Discussion List is intended for informal discussion. In alignment with the mission of the Mind & Life Institute we aim to facilitate meditation research that respects both the scientific and contemplative traditions and the synergetic collaboration between third person and first person perspectives. All scientific disciplines and fields are welcome to participate. The network has interest in all styles of meditation and contemplative practice.

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The Mind and Life Research Network (MLRN), a project of the Mind & Life Institute, fosters multidisciplinary communication about scientific research on meditation and other contemplative practices. Membership is free, and this loose affiliation of scientists, meditators, and people interested in research promotes opportunities for researchers and meditators to communicate together. All perspectives, scientific fields, and styles of meditation are welcome. The MLRN includes cognitive neuroscientists who skillfully use scientific methods in the study of meditation, meditation scholars interested in scientific interfaces, and people who can help support meditation research.  The MLRN encompasses a variety of meditation practices, and incorporates both contemplative and scientific approaches. The MLRN includes a low-volume, moderated electronic announcement list. This list maintains a high signal-to-noise ratio by distributing infrequent but important messages to large numbers of recipients. Members of this announcement list receive bibliographic updates on recent publications, announcements of upcoming conferences, calls for papers for special-issue journals and conference symposia, synopses of recent meetings, announcements of relevant email lists, websites, and other resources, and other announcements appropriate for widespread distribution.