Summer Research Institute, Part 3

Today was a day of silence, with meditation sessions running all day and a marvelous opportunity to focus inward, so there’s no news to report. Instead, here are some photos from the fist two days. Clicking on them will make them larger.

–Mark Cherrington, Mind and Life communications and event coordination


New friends

Audience members listening to a talk.

Matthieu Ricard answering a question in a panel discussion.

A captivating conversation.

One of the questioners from the audience.

Two new friends discuss issues around vaccinations (really).

The poster presentations were very popular, with people standing shoulder to shoulder.

The posters also provoked a lot of discussion.

Matthieu Ricard admiring a participant’s jewelry.

Another audience member posing a question to the panel after the afternoon presentations.

Roshi Joan Halifax making a point.

Diego Hangartner demonstrates how Tibetan monks debate in monasteries, with very dynamic body English).

Former Mind and Life interim CEO Al Kazniak listens to a panel member.

Larry Barsalou explains how the mental simulation of a stressful situation has the same impact as experiencing the real thing.

The posters presenters were in for serious challenges and questions.

A quiet corner to do some work.

Relaxing in a doorway.

The facade of the Garrison Institute makes in imposing backdrop.

Registration day.

Listening to one of the presentations.

Susan Bauer-Wu (left) and Linda Craighead field questions from the audience about using mindfulness to deal with cancer and eating disorders.