Mind & Life XX – Live from Switzerland

Hey all,  I know it’s been a long time, but ML XX: Altruism and Compassion in Economics begins tomorrow here in Zurich, Switzerland.  All the participants have arrived.  Some are Mind and Life veterans, including Richie Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, Roshi Joan Halifax and John Dunne; others are all new to our dialogues – Joan Silk, Bunker Roy, Bill Harbaugh and Ernst Fehr, among many others.  It promises to be a series of really interesting conversations over the next few days.  The website for the conference is www.compassionineconomics.org.  For those of you in the vicinity of Zurich, we’ve still got tickets and would love to have you join us!

His Holiness landed yesterday and will be celebrating several events while he’s here, such as the 50th anniversary of Switzerland taking in and sheltering Tibetan refugees.  We are blessed as always to have so much of his time.

Today all the participants of the conference will huddle together and go over the finer details of how the session dialogues will go.  That’s all for now – got to get to work!