Mind and Life XXII: Preparations for a rich dialogue

Luminaries from varied backgrounds came together today in New Delhi in advance of Mind and Life XXII: The Effects of Contemplative Practice on Human Biology and Behaviour. This conference should prove groundbreaking, even for Mind and Life, due to the range of rich traditions in dialogue.  As always, there will be neuroscientists, philosophers, and Buddhist practitioners engaged with His Holiness the Dalai Lama; but in Mind and Life XXII leaders in Vedanta, Jain, and Yoga will be bringing the perspectives of their traditions, as well as the current state of research into their contemplative practices.

During this ‘pre-meeting,’ one point was made clear and was readily accepted by all.  The goal of this conference is not to ‘validate’ this or that religion; the true aim is to explore these traditions, to see where conversations with modern science might lead.  Judging from the rich presentations and the insightful questions, Mind and Life XXII will prove very fruitful.

Tomorrow the participants will engage with young Indian scientists, in hopes of catalyzing increased enthusiasm for Contemplative Science.  Previous research will be discussed, and future directions and challenges should arise out of this meeting.

There is great energy in the air.  Even the breaks are filled with lively discussion, with inquiry about each other’s work and practices.

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