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Required Proposal Materials

Files will be uploaded to Mind and Life webserver and must be Word Document, Excel or PDF filetypes unless otherwise specified.

Research Proposal
Please attach your proposal.
Must contain Project Title, Background & Significance, Brief Methods, and Expected Outcomes.
1200 words maximum. Files must be no larger than 5 megabytes.
File should follow the naming convention (Applicant's last name)-Varela2012-proposal,
for example Smith-Varela2012-proposal.doc

Curriculum Vitae
Please attach your resume/CV.
NIH Biosketch format preferred.
File should follow the naming convention (Applicant's last name)-Varela2012-CV,
for example Jones-Varela 2012-CV.pdf

Please attach your projected budget.
File should follow the naming convention (Applicant's last name)-Varela2012-budget,
for example Williams-Varela2012-budget.xls

Letters of Recommendation
This application requires two letters of recommendation. They may be submitted either as files uploaded now, or emailed directly to Letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline if emailed directly.

If uploaded now, files should follow the naming convention (Applicant's last name)-Varela2012-recommendation-(Author's name),
for example Brown-Varela2012-recommendation-PatriciaDavis.pdf
- First letter of recommendation
- Second letter of recommendation

When your application is complete, please press the "submit" button blow. If your application is incomplete or there are errors in your submission, problem fields will be marked and you will be prompted to fix them. When your application is successfully submitted the form will be cleared. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser before submitting. Contact with any technical problems. Applications will be accepted through September 28, 2012.


* Any grant application that involves human subjects will require IRB approval. If IRB approval will be required by your home institution for your proposed project, then you should submit a formal request to your institution’s IRB for approval now. The actual transfer of funds from Mind and Life to your institution is contingent upon provision of your institution’s written documentation of IRB approval. Transmission of funding from Mind and Life to your institution’s accounting office and the official start of your grant will not occur until we have received written notice of your IRB approval.