1440 Awardees

Below is a list of all 1440 awardees and their projects sorted by year.


Marcel O. Bonn-Miller
University of Pennsylvania & VA Palo Alto Health Care System
A test of the efficacy of compassion cultivation training for veterans with PTSD

David J. Creswell
Carnegie Mellon University
Using mindfulness meditation training to transform social relationships among lonely older adults: A randomized controlled trial

Alexandra Fiocco
Ryerson University
Bringing relief to caregivers: Evaluating the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on relational quality, psychological well-being and cognitive function in caregivers of patients with dementia

Jonathan Greenberg
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School & University of Miami
Cultivating family cohesion and resilience with mindfulness training: Pilot study in a high stress cohort of fire fighters

Brett Major
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
How do thoughts about social closeness promote health & well-being?

Jennifer Mascaro and Jordan Kohn
Emory University
Compassion training for emotional numbing in post-traumatic stress disorder

Ashley Mason
University of California – San Francisco
Impacts of tailored mindfulness training for maternal caregivers on intrapersonal wellbeing and interpersonal experiences


Carrie Adair
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Mindfulness in interpersonal judgments and relationships in daily life

Julie Brefczynski-Lewis
West Virginia University
Short and long-term behavioral, physiological, and brain changes resulting from compassion meditation training as an intervention for stress due to difficult interpersonal relationships

Paul Condon
Northeastern University
Contemplative practice, emotional well-being, and the transformation of hostility in the lab and real world

Eric Garland and Amber Kelly
Florida State University, College of Social Work
Trauma-informed mindfulness-based stress reduction to promote intra- and interpersonal flourishing among survivors of traumatic violence