Mind and Life XXII: Session 5

Delhi Session 5 5The final session of Mind and Life XXII was moderated by Viji Ravindranath, who recapped much of the previous discussion.  She went on to praise His Holiness for the efforts and vision needed to put this dialogue together.  She lastly recognized the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute and the networking and collaboration it produces […]

Mind and Life XXII – Sessions 2, 3, and 4

Delhi Blog 1Session 2 served as a review for the current state of Contemplative Science, recent findings, and its collaborations with mainly Buddhist practices.  Richard Davidson of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds described experiments where adept practitioners alternated between a neutral state and one of compassion inside an fMRI to highlight which areas of the brain […]

Mind and Life XXII: Session 1

delhi session111The Scientific Effects of Contemplative Practices on Human Biology and Behaviour, kicked off with a welcome from co-founder and CEO Adam Engle, who talked of the history of the Mind & Life Institute.  Viji Ravindranath, chair of the Centre of Neuroscience in Bangalore and one of the MLXXII planning members, described this conference as an […]

Mind and Life XXII: Preparations for a rich dialogue

delhi-premeeting01Luminaries from varied backgrounds came together today in New Delhi in advance of Mind and Life XXII: The Effects of Contemplative Practice on Human Biology and Behaviour. This conference should prove groundbreaking, even for Mind and Life, due to the range of rich traditions in dialogue.  As always, there will be neuroscientists, philosophers, and Buddhist […]