Notable Quotes from HHDL

Here are just a few morsels that we heard today as the dialogue moved to a consideration of issues of emotion and its relation to attention and emotion on day 4. “I describe myself as a messenger of Ancient Indian thought.” HH Dalai Lama “Many of the problems we are facing today in the world […]

Images of ML XVIII

Hi all, Dave and I wanted to share with you some new images of the conference. It continues to rain like the monsoon here so we are especially savoring the days when the beautiful himalaya was visible. We will be writing more later about the substance of today’s meeting.

Lessons in Patience

Dear friends, I am writing to thank all of you for your comments and viewing of the BLOG, and also to ask for your kind patience as we work diligently, practicing mindful breathing as best we can, to surmount certain technical difficulties needed to bring you the interviews on movie format.  The movies exceed local […]

Modern Education System

Today after a talk by Adele Diamond of the University of British Columbia on the development of executive control of mental processes in young people and its relation to their academic achievement and well-being, HH Dalai Lama talked some about his own views of education. In particular, he expressed the view that modern education systems […]

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Today we woke again with some thunder. Sorry about  the video technical difficulties. We are having some trouble uploading large files with slow connections. To be expected here in the rooftop of the world. This morning Adele Diamond spoke about the developmental cognitive neurosciences and how best to develop executive control (which i can speak about […]

Reflections from Roshi Joan Halifax about ML XVIII

Before the meeting began on Monday, MLI board members met with His Holiness. Roshi Joan shares her thoughts:  The Mind and Life Board met for an hour with His Holiness at his request on Sunday morning. He expressed his profound gratitude for the long friendship with the Board, and particularly at a time when he […]

Tuesday April 7th, 2009

map of upper DharamsalaHi all, Sorry about the delay in posting. Yesterday, there were amazing thunderstorms that rocked Dharamsala and eliminated power and we have been having very spotty internet access.   You can see some of my previous posts at my personal blog: HERE It was a great honor and privilege to be in the presence of His Holiness […]

Introducing: David Vago

My name is David Vago. I am the Senior Research Coordinator for the Mind and Life Institute and a research fellow in the department of Psychiatry at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard University Medical School. I am interested in resilience and vulnerability across the neuropsychiatric spectrum.

Barry Kerzin Interview on MLI XVIII

In this interview, monk and physician Dr. Barry Kerzin talks with Dave and I about his experience of the conference, and his impression that with the explosion of knowledge about the mind in neuroscience, and the deepening integration of this work with the insights of contemplatives from 1000s of years ago, we may be entering […]

Roshi Joan Halifax on MLI XVIII Day 1

In this brief interview, Dave and I ask Roshi Joan Halifax about her experience of the first day of the Mind and Life conference in which David Meyer, Ph.D from the University of Michigan talked about “meditation as multitasking” and Alan Wallace talked about the contribution of Buddhist contemplative investigation to our modern understanding of […]