Sensation, Feeling, Image, Talk

Dear friends, One of the enduring discussions of the meeting for me has been the “levels of processing” discussion between Buddhism and Modern science. There was a long series of conversations about different levels of experience and their inter-relations- those strands of phenomenal experience coming through the body and the senses, the emotions, cognition, and […]

The Physical Place

Dear friends, To give you a sense of the physical surroundings, I start with far off shots of the temple and the meeting space. The temple is the large yellow complex. Above the temple you can (barely) see a green roof and to its right a silver roof. It was in this part of the […]

Roshi Joan Halifax Reflections on Conference

Dear friends, To see some more post-conference reflections, please visit:

View from Youth

Cliff Saron’s lovely daughter Rayna has also been blogging and sent her blog address. To get a view of the meeting from youth, please visit!

Images from Day 5 Morning

women-praying-300x2251Dear friends, We are preparing for the final day here today. Philosopher Shaun Gallagher will present on phenomenology and the study of the mind. Shaun is quite interested in incorporating the body, social others, and social contexts in our study of the mind.  He will talk about how the orientation of the body, for instance, […]

Reflections on Day 4 – Emotion, Attention & Memory

Today the talks shifted to a focus on emotion and its relation to attention and memory. Dr. Liz Phelps from New York University began the morning by talking about how emotion is defined in the western scientific tradition and why we have them.  Liz noted that emotion means many different things, and is defined as […]

New Friends & Traditional Tibetan Music

One of the best parts of being here in Dharamsala is meeting new and incredibly interesting and heartfelt people who are all interested in and committed to enhancing the well-being of others. It has also been so nice to receive all of the wonderful comments from the broader sangha out there following the meeting. Thank […]

Notable Quotes from HHDL

Here are just a few morsels that we heard today as the dialogue moved to a consideration of issues of emotion and its relation to attention and emotion on day 4. “I describe myself as a messenger of Ancient Indian thought.” HH Dalai Lama “Many of the problems we are facing today in the world […]

Images of ML XVIII

Hi all, Dave and I wanted to share with you some new images of the conference. It continues to rain like the monsoon here so we are especially savoring the days when the beautiful himalaya was visible. We will be writing more later about the substance of today’s meeting.

Lessons in Patience

Dear friends, I am writing to thank all of you for your comments and viewing of the BLOG, and also to ask for your kind patience as we work diligently, practicing mindful breathing as best we can, to surmount certain technical difficulties needed to bring you the interviews on movie format.  The movies exceed local […]