Summer Research Institute, Last Day

DSC_0157The 2012 Summer Research Institute ended with a flourish today, with a great variety of subjects discussed. The morning started with Richie Davidson giving a history of neuroscience in relation to situated and embodied mind. It was remarkably cogent, thorough, and enlightening. The high point was his description of facial muscle experiments that were aimed […]

Summer Research Institute, Part 4

Reading before the morning presentationsThe heat and humidity didn’t slow down the proceedings today, and we had some fascinating presentations. The morning started with Ann Klein giving us a comprehensive tour of the concept of prana, energy flows that permeate the body and support the mind. She explained the varieties and implications of these energy flows from the Buddhist […]

Summer Research Institute, Part 3

Matthieu Ricard answering a question in a panel discussion.Today was a day of silence, with meditation sessions running all day and a marvelous opportunity to focus inward, so there’s no news to report. Instead, here are some photos from the fist two days. Clicking on them will make them larger. –Mark Cherrington, Mind and Life communications and event coordination  

Summer Research Institute, Part 2

DSC_0049I really like those 15 minutes of silence at breakfast each morning. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if the entire breakfast were done in silence, but I think that would be cruel to all those folks who have so much to talk about. Steel-cut oats, yogurt, granola, fruit, and local eggs are just the […]

Summer Research Institute–Part 1

The grounds of the Garrison InstituteDespite the surfeit of Ph.D.s and the serious subject matter, there is a distinct air of summer camp about the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute. The old hands who’ve been to four or five SRI’s (as we refer to the institute around the Mind and Life office) greet the newcomers like camp counselors, giving […]