Nawang Khechog – Be Kind to Each Other

The Varela Awardees at 2009 SRI

Nawang Khechog and Adam Engle set the tone for 2009 Summer Research Institute

Discussion with younger brother of HHDL and D. Meyer on consciousness and computers

David Meyer talks about conscious machines with Tendzin Choegyal: an intriguing question arose during the meeting concerning the possibility for an evolution of “consciousness” in machines/computers. The younger brother of HHDL, Tendzin Choegyal disagreed with David Meyer’s suggestion that machines will (and have been already) progressively evolve to develop their own form of consciousness. It […]

Young Scientists’ Perspective on Benefits of Dialogue with HHDL

Mind and Life has been organizing dialogues between top scientists and His Holiness The Dalai Lama for 20+ years. The purpose of which has been to promote the creation of a contemplative, compassionate, and rigorous experimental and experiential science of the mind which could guide and inform medicine, neuroscience, psychology, education and human development. An […]

Cultivation of Compassion

HHDL had an excellent commentary on the cultivation of compassion. He said that it depends on the 3rd deepest level of suffering. (I am not sure what the 1st two stages of suffering refer to). This stage of suffering is linked with a profound aspiration to achieve liberation and a fundamental vulnerability to suffering with […]

Reflections on developments of Shamatha and distinction between concept and non-conceptual levels of mental experience

During the development of Shamatha, Alan Wallace describes 9 stages of development in which the quality and nature of mental activity changes. We are all familiar with the “monkey mind” and the sleepy mind that plague the meditator on the cushion. The monkey in our mind is a metaphor for what our mind does when […]

A few more comments on the week

His holiness spoke of the lifeforce within us all, referred to as Jivitindriya and he described it as “the water sustains the lotus flower”. He spoke heavily about cultivating Bodicitta and one thought that arose from the dialogue was a very helpful mantra and form of koan: Do not reflect ON experience, use reflection as […]

April 10, 2009

Hi all, The meeting has finished, but the effects are likely to be long-lasting and it may take weeks or months for it all to sink in. That being said, I do plan to keep posting on the site my continued reflections and responding to the active discussion. Thank you all for such a rich […]

Adam Engle reflects on ML XVIII

Here is Adam: Adam Engle on ML XVIII