Open Position at Mind & Life Europe:

Contemplative Education Research Officer
Focus area: Education and Human Flourishing

The Mind & Life Institute (MLI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate suffering and promote human flourishing by catalyzing and supporting the rigorous multidisciplinary investigation of the mind and the nature of reality. Our mode of investigation is rooted in an integrated way of knowing that combines modern scientific third-person inquiry, second- person dialogical methods and first-person direct experience rooted in phenomenological and contemplative practice. MLI’s multidisciplinary methodology brings together scientists from the physical, biological, cognitive and social sciences, with contemplative practitioners, contemplative scholars, as well as educators and researchers from the relevant humanistic disciplines. We believe that only through such integrated forms of investigation can one achieve the insights necessary to understand more fully how the mind works, and forms of learning and teaching that best support the social, emotional and moral development of the individual from childhood through young adulthood.

MLEurope is the European Chapter of MLI, and is responsible for advancing MLI’s mission and initiatives in Europe. Among the Europe specific activities, the European Contemplative Education Research initiative has the intention to survey the use of contemplation in education, and based on the outcome, to develop age-appropriate uses of contemplative practice in education from Kindergarten through University, and in particular to develop a contemplative curriculum and pedagogy that supports social and emotional learning, sustained voluntary attention, creativity and imagination.

Mind and Life Europe seeks to hire a Contemplative Education Research Officer capable of developing and leading a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative in the area of contemplative education and pedagogy. The candidate should have a PhD or EdD in a relevant discipline and have professional research experience either as a postdoctoral scholar, research scientist or in a tenure-track position, as well as a publication record of original research relevant to the overall mission of MLI. Candidates should also have demonstrated competency in collaborative research and the ability to present complex ideas to a general audience.

Preference will be given to candidates with a personal contemplative practice and familiarity with the important contributions of the physical, psychological and social sciences, education research, humanities, and contemplative traditions relevant to social and emotional learning and ethical development.

Candidates would ideally:

  • be capable of interdisciplinary work at the intersection of developmental psychology, education research and contemplative scholarship and practice,
  • be knowledgeable in fields of social and emotional learning (SEL), psychology, character formation and education policy,
  • be familiar with theories of human development in western and Asian (e.g., Buddhist) contexts,
  • be competent in doing meta-analysis of research findings,
  • have the ability to organize meetings and manage logistics,
  • have the ability to coordinate complex interdisciplinary and international research projects,
  • have the ability to synthesize literature across diverse disciplines (educational and basic science, as well as contemplative philosophy) for both expert and lay audiences,
  • have excellent written and oral communication skills in English,
  • have experience writing grants to support research,
  • be interpersonally skilled and able to work collaboratively with a small operating staff, as well as academic and contemplative colleagues from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds.

The initial appointment will be for up to three years and may be renewable depending on performance and funding. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

The Mind & Life Institute strongly supports workplace diversity. Candidates of all races, genders, ages, religious, or sexual orientations are welcome to apply.

Please send a statement of interest, CV and 2 letters of recommendation to by April 15, 2013.


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